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With many years of experience in legal proceedings, I can provide the highest quality services for your issues.

As a Lithuanian Jew and a representative of the Jewish community, I specialize in issues of citizenship or restoration of property rights in the activities of my lawyer work. If your roots have connections with the state of Lithuania or you have questions about heritage of your ancestors, I invite you to contact me to help you solve your questions, problems or wishes.

Long-term experience

Many years of experience and practice in representing our clients.

Professional advice

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Faina Kukliansky

  • Studies in the field of criminology at Vilnius University.
  • Vilnius University doctoral studies in law.
  • Teaching at the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University.
  • Participant in international internships in the field of administration and law.
  • Awarded the Order of Merit for Lithuania - Knight's Cross.
  • Awarded by Ministery of Foreign Affairs award - a diplomat's star.
  • Languages: Yiddish, Hebrew, English, Polish, Russian, Lithuanian.
Our services

Areas of specialization

Citizenship Issues

I can help to solve citizenship issues if your roots are of Lithuanian origin.

Property Restitution

I specialize in property restitution legal proceedings and cases.

Jewish Past And Heritage

I can help search for documents of Jewish past and heritage in the archives.

Political Lobbying

I am a registered lobbyist and seek to improve laws that affect Jews, human rights, or groups of people who are more vulnerable.

Representation in Courts

I can represent you in administrative proceedings where the nature and content of these cases are in line with my area of specialization and interest.

Help And Advice

I take help from people who turn to their problems. Contact a professional in your field for advice or assistance.